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Heartland Accounting

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Small Business Accounting

Meet the team:

Each of our team members have a limited number of clients to focus on, allowing us to provide personalized, quality service for you. When you need a professional accountant you can trust, who will give you their undivided attention, Heartland Accounting has the accountants you need.

Beth Knott


Beth lives in Omaha with her husband and two kids. Her specialty is anything related to Quickbooks.  She’s an avid reader and roller coaster fan.

Vicki Henderson

Supervisory Accountant

Two words best describe Vicki: Spreadsheet Hero.

Marilyn Warriner

QuickbooksPro Advisor / Supervisory Accountant

A mom, a grandma, and a big fan of Italian restaurants. Closely followed by her love of reconciling bank accounts.


Laura Ritonya

Supervisory Accountant

Laura’s grandkids know her as the cookie queen. But we know her as the bookie queen. Not that kind of bookie!


Julie Peterson

Supervisory Accountant

Each time Julie thinks she’s out, we pull her back in. She’s the godmother of tracking expenses.

Our Mission:

Providing accurate, efficient accounting for small businesses.

Our Specialties:

QuickBooks Installation & Support

We can get you set up & trained in no time!

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We can get your books up to-date and keep them there. Sure you can do it yourself, but your time is better spent doing other stuff.

Payroll Processing

We can handle your all your payroll headaches to make sure that your employees stay happy, the taxes get filed and paid on time and you are able to focus your attention to running your business.

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