Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Accurate Accounting and Bookkeeping is the bedrock of a strong business foundation.

Heartland Accountability provides Small Businesses the services they need to keep the books in order.

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Heartland Accountability Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and accounting are critical and distinct functions of any business. But many business owners would be hard pressed to tell you the differences between the two. Bookkeeping is the process of day-to-day transaction processing and record-keeping; the data created and recorded is the raw material. Accounting refines that raw material, synthesizing it into tools for measuring, monitoring and understanding business performance over time.

Bookkeeping tasks and transactions include posting debits and credits, producing invoices and statements, processing payroll, and maintaining bank account and general ledgers. Accounting is a high level refining process. Transactional data is mined to produce financial statements, analyze costs, plan and forecast tax and profitability strategies.

A Full Range of Services

Whatever level of service your business needs, Heartland has you covered. We can serve as your off-site, full service, full time bookkeeping and accounting department; we can function in a back-up or review role; and any level of service in between. Technology and applications such as QuickBooks has automated many of these processes, streamlining and giving great flexibility to businesses embrace or delegate as much or as little as they desire.

Virtual Services

Our virtual services allow us to work with you, remotely by screen share, to help you tackle and solve the challenges that drive you crazy. QuickBooks technicians know the application, but they cannot answer your accounting-related questions in the process. Our staff professionals know QuickBooks and accounting. No long sessions on hold waiting for someone to assist you. Make an appointment when it’s most convenient for you.

Heartland Accountability has a QuickBooks Pro Advisor Membership. Almost all of our client have Quickbooks and being a QuickBooks Pro Advisor is a tremendous advantage. Our staff has access to an excellent service department at QuickBooks who will work with Pro Advisors on any issue. That means all of our clients are covered under our service plan.

Credentials & Certifications: 

– QuickBooks Pro Advisor Certification
– QuickBooks Pro Advisor POS (Point of Sale) Certification
– Member AICPA